ComputeHer Featured on CD Baby!

02 / 28 / 2007

ComputeHer Featured on CD Baby!
Hello Everyone. CD Baby is featuring my album, “Data Bass” on their home page!

Check out CD Baby’s review of “Data Bass” below or go see for yourself here.

Forget electronic music, here’s computer pop. While the bulk of the initial appeal lies in the chip tunes’ ability to conjure up lazy summer days spent getting Mario past the Koopa Troopas, this lady is pretty smart about it; there are some stand-alone songs here. The digital songstress, known only as “Michelle,” has deconstructed tons of sounds you remember from such classic gadgets as Speak’n’Spell, the ol’ Commodore 64, Atari 2600, and the original gray NES Nintendo (and Game Boy!), and pieced them all together into a veritable symphony of nostalgia through robot pop songs. Sure, it’s entertaining for those of us who remember what 8-bit graphics looked like (…especially those of us who might just have an ancient stack of ColecoVision and Atari cartridges waiting for us at home at the end of the day… ahem…), but these are great little pop tunes ready for anyone ready to dance.

Thanks for your support!

~Michelle :]