New Album Coming Very Soon

Hey everyone 🙂 My album “Data Bass” is in the final stages!

Data Bass

I have recently joined forces with Melbot and 8 Bit Weapon to play live gigs in 8 Bit Weapon. As previously noted, I played a live show a few weeks ago in Hollywood with them which was a lot of fun. So you may see me in 8 Bit Weapon, but I’m not losing sight of ComputeHer 🙂 In 8 Bit Weapon I play drums on an Apple IIe, among other things.

I’ve also been working on new material! So once this album is out, stay tuned for new music. I’m thinking about doing a cover that you guys can download too. So we’ll see…

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Coco Kitty
3. Lost Control
4. Tickled Pink
5. Rockin Boogers
6. Royal Flush
7. Pho Sho
8. Bridge
9. Smores
10. Bit Kicker
11. Outro
==Bonus Tracks==
12. ComputeHer *
13. Traveling *
14. Bridge Remix by 8 Bit Weapon *

* Only available on limited edition Data Bass release!

~Michelle :]